Need an app? Don't worryMake production ready webapps and mobile apps amazingly fast and easy.
DevelopAdd interaction to your app and integrate it with the database, storage and email services.
DesignReal apps, not useless prototyping.
Store DataDon't worry about setting up databases, we've got you covered.
DeploySorry DevOps, you're not longer needed.
IntegrateConnect your app to external services and stop being a loner.
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Social PurposeKids will be our saviors

We are not just aiming to change how digital products are made, we also want to empower kids in schools to dream big and create whatever they can think of.

People say kids should learn how to code, we think that they should explore how to create and how to design. At the pace technology is moving, by the time kids get to college, programming will most likely be done by computers themselves.

Creative thinking however will still be done by humans for the foreseeable time. That being said, Webcat will be forever free for all schools and children users.

If you work at a school or would like to sign-up your children's school, please fill out our Education form so that we can reach out to them.

Education form